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The current Taste of Polonia website (click for larger view)

The event I chose for my project is the Taste of Polonia Festival. Taste of Polonia is a festival celebrating Polish culture, food, and music and is held annually in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood.

The existing site needs help. It’s rather garish, and seems stuck in a time warp from 2000. Thankfully, it’s at least usable, even if not exactly visually pleasing.

My Style Tile for the project features a color palette inspired by the traditional Polish flag, using red and white, and a darker red as an accent color. Additional color would be provided by photographs from past years’ festivals. The logo I’ve created for the event makes use of the coat of arms from the flag as a graphic element.

Style Tile: Taste of Polonia

For the typefaces, I chose Dax and Dax Wide for the logo, and Signika for headline and body text, which is available via Google Fonts. I’m not planning on incorporating any textures or patterns, though that could change.

Taste of Polonia logo

I’m also making a small change to incorporate the Polish word for taste, smakować (pronounced smahk-o-vach), as part of the logo. It seems silly to me that it’s not already incorporated somehow. In crafting this logo, I did a little research into Polish design aesthetics, and like many other Eastern European countries, the Polish trend is a clean aesthetic, so I tried to incorporate that look and feel into the event logo.



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