Rebrand Project: TPAN Mockups

For my mockups, I decided to use the new (so new it’s still in beta) Adobe Experience Design (Adobe XD for short). It’s a great tool to quickly prototype a website, and includes UI elements for Windows 8.1/10, iOS, and Android, along with robust tools to get you working quickly. Check out the mockups after the jump.

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EXTRA CREDIT: Reflecting on the class

Before I began the Website Design I class here at Columbia College Chicago, I knew that this would come fairly easy to me, having been dabbling in website design since the days of nested tables and Internet Explorer’s dominance. What I didn’t expect was to learn a thing or two of why I code some of the things the way I do. I think it had become second nature to me to copy things that worked from other sites, and implement things from tutorials, but I didn’t always understand why they worked.

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EXTRA CREDIT: My experience redesigning New Wave Coffee’s website

New Wave Coffee logoFor my final project in this class, I wanted to redesign the website of New Wave Coffee in Logan Square (where I am currently enjoying a cup of coffee and editing my blog). Their current site consists only of their logo, their hours, their address, and their phone number. I felt they should have a little bit more robust website.

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Awesome CSS drop shadows

You can create beautiful drop shadows in CSS without the need for images (you know, like back in the olden days). With just a little CSS, you can create a few different drop shadow effects, like lifted paper drop shadows, perspective drop shadows, horizontal curved drop shadows, and vertical curved drop shadows. The example code is taken from a drop shadow demo page from a few years ago.

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13 Realities of Being a Graphic Designer

Sharlene King’s article “13 Realities of Being a Graphic Designer”Sharlene King, Programming Director for AIGA Chicago and designer at Morningstar, Inc., takes on for-profit design school marketing propaganda aimed at aspiring graphic designers in an article on her blog entitled “13 Realities of Being a Graphic Designer”. Some of this could also apply to our school, Columbia College Chicago.