Show & Tell: 10 HTML+CSS+JS experiments to try out

screenshot-2016-11-29-12-29-05I found an article hosted by the CSS Design Awards site that shows off 10 experiments using HTML+CSS (and sometimes JavaScript) to produce some amazing effects.

There’s an effect called tearable cloth, which, while not very practical, shows the amazing things you can do with HTML, CSS and Javascript. There’s a peelable sticker, which I could see used to reveal a coupon code on an e-commerce site. There’s a “jelly” scroll effect for mobile devices that looks sharp. There’s also, for you diehard Star Wars fans, a Star Wars-like text scrolling effect like the movies. And then my favorite, the 3D unfolding dropdown menu.

All of the effects are presented through codepen, so you can see how to implement these effects in your work. Check out the article on CSS Design Awards.


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