Forget floats and margin tricks. Flexbox is here!

I ran across an interesting article on Smashing Magazine that might just change everything. Flexbox is here, and we should all be using it now! reports that flexbox is supported across all major current browsers. According to the Smashing article:

The days of floats and margin trickery are finally behind us, as CSS furnishes developers with new and improved properties perfect for those delicate layouts. Layout features such as vertical alignment, evenly distributed spacing, source-order control and other patterns such as “sticky” footers are quite effortless to achieve with flexbox.

Flexbox looks like an absolute game-changer. I will admit that I haven’t yet tried it, but am eager to try it out and use it. Anyone else have any experience with flexbox?

404? 4-Oh-Wow!

It’s happened to all of us. You’re poking around the web, and follow a link to a different site, and — WHAM! 404 Not Found. Some are plain, usually generated by the server, but some companies and sites take it to the next level and turn the plain 404 Not Found page into an experience all itself. Some are humourous, some are informative, and some are just great design. But the folks at have compiled a list of cool and creative 404 pages. Pay attention to #2. Blue Fountain Media has turned their 404 page into a playable Pac Man maze!

End the Echo: A new kind of inspirational site

End the Echo ScreenshotWe’ve all gone to sites like,, and even to look for ideas and inspiration when planning a new site. Or perhaps we’re looking at new emerging trends in web design. And that’s all fine and good, but it does tend to create a bit of an echo chamber. When we’re only looking to other websites for inspiration, we’re only seeing what other designers are doing, and in turn, emulating those designs.

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