Rebrand/Redesign Project: TPAN Site first draft

TPAN Site First DraftFor the TPAN website rebrand/redesign project, I am once again choosing to use the Bootstrap framework. I am a big fan of Bootstrap because it takes the guesswork out of designing websites.

Because I tend to use Bootstrap quite a bit (currently at version 3.3.6), I’m considering switching over to the Bootstrap 4.0 alpha release. With version 4.0, the folks at Bootstrap are completely rewriting the framework to use flexbox, which is an exciting development. I’m considering switching over to it because I want to get my hands dirty with the newest version and take advantage of the flexbox advancements.

Show & Tell: Brand New

screenshot-2016-09-27-09-22-14Being a design geek, I dig checking out the newest brand refreshes as they’re released. On the blog Brand New by the design firm Under Consideration, they present the latest brands, review them, and let the design community weigh in.

The real star here is the comments section. I know we’ve all trained ourselves not to read the comments (because, you know, you’d like to keep your blood pressure in check and not have a stroke), but the commenters here are usually on their game with comments that are either well thought out or a bit whimsical. It’s safe to read the comments. Really, it is.

Rebrand Project: TPAN Mockups

For my mockups, I decided to use the new (so new it’s still in beta) Adobe Experience Design (Adobe XD for short). It’s a great tool to quickly prototype a website, and includes UI elements for Windows 8.1/10, iOS, and Android, along with robust tools to get you working quickly. Check out the mockups after the jump.

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